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You are in control of SPACE ANIMAL BASE. Your units are strong when they are in a pair, vulnerable when they are alone. DIFFERENT pairs have different strengths.

YOUR BASE IS THREATENED by the NETWORK. The NETWORK is entering your base. Expand SPACE ANIMAL BASE, defeat the NETWORK.

Genre: RTS/ single player / survival (?) / Core gameplay: Controlling units (micro management). Defending your base. Core game mechanic: Splitting/combining units by making pairs. Game feel: nihilism/ punk/ hope/ sci fi / organic & nature

GGJ 2020 game



Use the mouse to select units: Left mouse button and drag. OR Left click desired unit.

Merge units: Select one unit and Right click the unit you want to merge with.

Move selected unit(s): Right click on the desired destination on the map.

Exploring the map: Pan the screen by moving your mouse close to the border of the screen.

Units will auto-attack enemy units in their path.

Unfortunately we were not able to add alternate ways to control the game during GGJ 2020


Check out the game abstract here.

The team consisted of four programmers and one artist.  

Thomas Groot (SpinazieSin): Programming, Game Design

Michiel Van Der Meer (m0re4u): Programming, Game Design

Jonathan Gerbscheid (Rockfor): Programming, Game Design, Sound design/music

Teresa Bucho (TeresaB): Programming, Game Design

Luan Stotijn (LuxsArt): Art/VisDev, Game Design, Accessability 

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